From Depression to Elation - How the community changed my life

This session is going to get REAL personal, REAL honest, REAL quick, so be prepared!

10 years ago I arrived in the UK from South Africa not knowing a single person or even understanding what the Microsoft community was. I was desperate to find a place to belong and desperate to be part of a movement where I could make a difference. I felt rejected, depressed and broken! 10 years later... It is so different for me and I can tell you that the community changed EVERYTHING for me!

In this session I will walk you through an incredible journey of personal transformation and growth where I literally came from nothing to this amazing career, this incredible group of friends and WONDERFUL experiences... And the Microsoft community has a LOT to do with that.

I will dive into many personal areas around over coming racism (I was not the victim), Learning about people, Building personal brand, understanding empathy and deep personal growth. 

I owe the Microsoft community a LOT!

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation at ANS Group

Huntingdon, United Kingdom


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