ISV Business Solutions: BizApps Products versus Accelerators

There is a growing number of vertical business solutions built by ISVs. Some of these solutions are just an accelerator (usually free) to build a solution or top but there is growing number of complete off the shelf products built on Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. These are full products with future roadmap, regular upgrades and a whole community around them.

In this Panel discussion, you will join Mohamed Mostafa, Microsoft MVP/FastTrack Architect and Director of iProperty Cloud Platform for Property and Housing, to discuss the future of ISV Business Solutions both Products and Accelerators as well as Microsoft's backing and support of complete Industry-specific products and vertical solutions.

Our Panellists will include a number of Microsoft MVPs, Community leaders and Microsoft colleagues.

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation at ANS Group

Huntingdon, United Kingdom


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