Why Power Platform People are now AI Extensibility Experts

The new era of copilot and IA is upon us and literally EVERYONE is somehow talking about Copilot! What some folks may not realise is that NOW Power Platform consultants are MORE valuable than ever. Power Platform is the primary tool for extending Microsoft 365 copilot and also to create your OWN copilots.

In this session I will position Power Platform in a new light and help you understand where you may fit in the new world. YOUR skills are more valuable than ever now and there is a huge opportunity to move into n AI positioned job way faster than you may know.

Key Takeaways:
1. How Power Platform fits into the world of AI and Copilot.
2. What YOU can do to reposition yourself to potentially take a new career path.
3. Technical aspects of AI extensibility such as:
     - Extending Microsoft 365 copilot with different data.
     - Building copilots on your data.
     - Leveraging other AI type connectors within Power Platform to super charge your solutions.

This new world of AI has SO much opportunity so lets ensure we adapt and adopt successfully.

This session is passionate and also contains many examples supported by demonstrations.

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation at ANS Group

Huntingdon, United Kingdom


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