Blazor Workshop

Blazor is the new SPA framework from Microsoft, which is growing rapidly in popularity.
It makes it possible to write interactive web applications using your C# skills.
This workshop will dive headfirst into the different hosting models, learn how to share code, call JavaScript, and much more.
We will build a real-world application called Blazing Pizza, to get the feel for Blazor in a hands-on way.
It will guide you from basic functionality to more advanced scenarios.

Some of the topics we will cover
The basic structure of Blazor
Hosting models
Building reusable components
Forms and validation
Sharing code
Managing State
Differences between hosting models
Integrating with backend APIs
Isolated CSS
JavaScript Interop
Testing with bUnit
Tips and tricks
A quick look at .NET MAUI

What to bring
Laptop with Visual Studio 2022 installed and the latest .NET 6 framework.

Jimmy Engström

Microsoft MVP

Stockholm, Sweden


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