Azure OpenAI: Using Your Data with AI

In this hands-on session, Gregor Biswanger, an experienced Microsoft MVP and expert in generative AI, guides you through the fascinating world of data integration with Azure OpenAI. Learn how to seamlessly integrate your own data into AI solutions to develop intelligent and dynamic applications. Gregor will show you various strategies and techniques, including using the Azure OpenAI Service Assistant API, innovative data embedding with RAG and vector databases, and using Function Calls to create customized functions. Whether you are a developer or a decision-maker, this session will provide you with practical insights and teach you how to effectively harness the power of Azure OpenAI technology to revolutionize your data work.

Additionally, you will learn how to use AI with your own data on-premises, that is, without direct cloud connectivity. Gregor will explain the use of both Large-Language Models (LLM) and Small-Language Models (SLM) to demonstrate how versatile AI technologies can be applied outside the cloud.

Let yourself be inspired and discover new ways to implement AI in your projects to create smarter solutions.

Gregor Biswanger

Freelance consultant, trainer, author and speaker

Nürnberg, Germany


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