Electron.NET: Cross-Platform Desktop Software with ASP.NET Core

HTML5 is everywhere - on the web, mobile and on the desktop of course. The strength of HTML5 is not only that it is supported across the board, but that it offers more and more features from the desktop world. However, the development of desktop applications based on HTML & JavaScript requires new frameworks and languages. The open source project Electron.NET combines their well-known C # & ASP.NET Core KnowHow with the possibilities of Electron. In combination of C # and HTML5, high-performance desktop business applications for Windows, Mac and Linux can be developed. You will get to grips with the basics of Electron.NET and then get acquainted with the most important tools and procedures. With this information, you can quickly become an accomplished cross-platform developer with .NET.

Gregor Biswanger

Freelance consultant, trainer, author and speaker

Nürnberg, Germany


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