Hands-on Workshop: Azure OpenAI - From Data Integration to Developing Your Own AI Agents

Experience AI in action! In this intensive hands-on workshop, Gregor Biswanger, an experienced Microsoft MVP and AI expert, guides you through two crucial aspects of modern AI technology. Start with integrating your own data into Azure OpenAI, where you will learn how to use the Azure OpenAI Service Assistant API and other techniques such as RAG with vector databases. Discover how you can effectively deploy AI both in the cloud and on-premises with Large-Language and Small-Language Models.

In the second part of the workshop, you will dive into the development of AI agents. Using C# and the Microsoft Semantic Kernel, you will learn to develop your own AI agents and test them in real-time scenarios. This part of the workshop will provide you with practical skills and a deep understanding of how AI agents are programmed and integrated into business applications.

This workshop is perfect for developers and decision-makers who want to gain both technical insights and practical skills in the latest AI technologies. Take your AI knowledge to the next level and become part of the future of technology in an interactive and supportive learning environment.

Gregor Biswanger

Freelance consultant, trainer, author and speaker

Nürnberg, Germany


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