Microsoft Semantic Kernel: Code Your Own AI Agents with C#

The future of generative AI in the business world is becoming increasingly clear, and it leads us to AI agents. In this pioneering session, Gregor Biswanger, a renowned Microsoft MVP and AI expert, provides a fundamental introduction to the key characteristics of AI agents. Discover how these agents can revolutionize our business environment.

Gregor will not only impart theoretical knowledge but also provide practical guidance on how you can develop your own AI agents using C#. Participants will have the opportunity to see directly how these agents function in action. The technological foundation for this is the Microsoft Semantic Kernel, which enables developers to create powerful and intuitive AI solutions.

This session is ideal for developers who want to gain practical experience in AI development and understand how to integrate modern AI technologies into existing and new systems. Get ready to push the boundaries of what is possible and experience AI technology in a whole new, practical way.

Gregor Biswanger

Freelance consultant, trainer, author and speaker

Nürnberg, Germany


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