Amanda Sterner

Information & Communications Technology

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How to use Shifts in Microsoft Teams for planning absence

Maybe you've seen a demo from Microsoft, or maybe you've by curiosity read more about how Microsoft Teams can support firstline workers. Then you probably have heard about this tool for scheduling shifts that you use from Microsoft Teams called Shifts? But there are many companies using Microsoft Teams that don't have firstline workers (mine included) and we also want to use Shifts! In this session I’ll show you how you can use Shifts as an app for scheduling vacation and other types of absence, I’ll walk you through the settings and show you some scenarios.

Amanda Sterner

Microsoft MVP | Modern Workplace Specialist at Avega Group

My favourite feeling in my job is when I can see on a person that they've actually understood how a new way of working can benefit them. For the last couple of years I have been working with the modern workplace and more recently I have been focusing on Microsoft Teams and how it can make the daily work life easier. I want to help you start loving Microsoft Teams the same way I do!

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