Community building with Microsoft: insights from user group organizers and community leaders

Are you interested in building connections with other Power Platform or Dynamics 365 users and organizing your own events to share your knowledge and expertise? Join us for this panel discussion featuring experienced Microsoft community leaders!

In this session, our panelists will share their insights and tips on how to get involved in the Microsoft community, including how to find and connect with other users, and how to contribute your knowledge to the community. They will also discuss the benefits of organizing user groups and events, including how to build a strong network, increase your visibility within the community, and promote collaboration and learning.

You will hear from a diverse range of panelists, including experienced Microsoft MVPs, user group leaders, and community organizers, who will share their own experiences and advice for building successful and thriving communities.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your involvement in the Microsoft community to the next level, this panel discussion will provide you with valuable insights and resources for building connections and making the most of your experience as a user. So don't miss out – join us today and start building your own connections in the Microsoft community!

Andrew Bibby

Consulting Director at Proximo 3, MVP

Evesham, United Kingdom

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