Antonio Turibbio Liccardi

Information & Communications Technology

DevOps & Automation Microsoft Azure DevOps C# .NET Xamarin

Naples, Campania, Italy

Building serverless microservices in Azure

Serverless e microservizi sono due temi molto discussi nel mondo delle architetture moderne: unire questi due mondi consente di avere il massimo della flessibilità dal punto di vista architetturale e infrastrutturale. In questa sessione vedremo quali sono le best practice e gli aspetti chiave per realizzare una applicazione orientata a microservizi con la piattaforma FaaS di Microsoft Azure.

Antonio Turibbio Liccardi

Releasing software since 2014 @ Blexin s.r.l.

Antonio Liccardi is a book author and trainer working as Cloud Developer and DevOps Engineer at Blexin. Thanks to his love for sharing, he co-founded “DotNetCampania” (an Italian .NET community), with which he helps others to improve their knowledge about .NET Ecosystem and more in general about coding.
Antonio is a frequent speaker at conferences, and Microsoft has awarded him as MVP for Visual Studio Developer Technologies since 2015.
You can find him on Twitter as @turibbio.

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