Antonio Turibbio Liccardi

Information & Communications Technology

DevOps & Automation Microsoft Azure DevOps C# .NET Xamarin

Naples, Campania, Italy

Infrastructure as code with Terraform on Azure

Hashicorp Terraform is an open-source tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure. It codifies infrastructure in configuration files that describe the topology of cloud resources, such as virtual machines, storage accounts, and networking interfaces. In this session, we will learn how to manage our infrastructure with Terraform on Azure.

Antonio Turibbio Liccardi

Releasing software since 2014 @ Blexin s.r.l.

Antonio Liccardi is a book author and trainer working as Cloud Developer and DevOps Engineer at Blexin. Thanks to his love for sharing, he co-founded “DotNetCampania” (an Italian .NET community), with which he helps others to improve their knowledge about .NET Ecosystem and more in general about coding.
Antonio is a frequent speaker at conferences, and Microsoft has awarded him as MVP for Visual Studio Developer Technologies since 2015.
You can find him on Twitter as @turibbio.

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