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Exploding Birthday Cakes and The AWESOME Art of Learning

Think school is boring? Ever sit in class and think, "I'll never use this"? Well, you may be right, but what stops you from learning the things you are interested in and you WILL use right now? Want to learn how to be a rock star? Want to build interactive targets for your nerf wars? Maybe you want learn how to get stronger/faster and become the MVP on your sports team next year? Or perhaps you simply want to learn how to walk on your hands? This session will provide you lessons in all of these, but more importantly you will discover the joys of learning new things! You will hear from a 15 year old that went from playing video games all the time to one of the fittest teenagers in Ohio in only a year. Hear from a 17 year old that is a self taught musician, song writer, and baker. And hear from a Mad Scientist that has created many Arduino and RaspberryPI projects least of which is an interactive cake that EXPLODES! This interactive session will introduce you to the long lost art of learning so that you may begin your own awesome learning adventure. You will learn to shrug off the low expectations put on teenagers and leave this session energized and empowered to learn and create amazing things!

Barry Tarlton

MacGyver like Problem Solver and Tech Teacher!

Barry is passionate about learning, problem solving, and teaching. He believes that software developers are problem solvers at heart and the languages and platforms we work with are simply the tools in our utility belts. Barry can often be found trying to inspire and educate others both inside and outside of work. Whether he's MacGyver'ing IOT solutions together or leading a hackathon team, he loves innovating and constantly trying new things.

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