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Saving the World with the Raspberry PI

The timer is ticking down, you have some wires, some buttons, a raspberry pi, and your developer mojo. Can you create a device to defuse the bomb in time! Come to this workshop and we will ensure you can. Ok, so there's not a real bomb (but a simulated one) that is made from a RaspberryPi and the deactivation code has to submitted properly to shut it down. The only way to deactivate it is by creating your own decryption device with a raspberryPi, some buttons, and python code. You wire the buttons into the PI, write the code to take inputs, and learn how to send those inputs and information over MQTT to the device to defuse it.

In this session, you will get hands on with the PI and understand how to interact with the GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins through Python. You will also learn how to take input through buttons as well as how to send events and messages via MQTT. We will work with Mosquitto as an MQTT server and see how to install & configure it on the PI and then use the Paho MQTT libraries in Python to send and receive messages in MQTT Topics. Prior knowledge of Python is useful, but not required. Feeling comfortable with coding is required(that's your developer mojo). No prior experience with a PI is necessary.

Barry Tarlton

MacGyver like Problem Solver and Tech Teacher!

Barry is passionate about learning, problem solving, and teaching. He believes that software developers are problem solvers at heart and the languages and platforms we work with are simply the tools in our utility belts. Barry can often be found trying to inspire and educate others both inside and outside of work. Whether he's MacGyver'ing IOT solutions together or leading a hackathon team, he loves innovating and constantly trying new things.

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