My Experiences with Monoliths and Microservices

In the past years I've collaborated to different microservice architectures. I'd like to share the things I did and learned. Monoliths are not bad by default and equivalently microservices are not good by default. They both have their pros and cons. Each software architecture will need its own design. There is no one best fit for all.

You can get yourself into microservices in two ways: either you break a monolith into microservices or you start from scratch and create a microservice architecture.

Breaking a monolith means locating the inner dependencies. I'll show some strategies on how to decouple a monolith and where to start cutting. Starting from scratch means you'll need great knowledge about the future usage of your product.

I have taken both paths to microservices and I'd like to talk about my own experiences along the way.

Bart Kooijmans

Software Engineer at Team Rockstars IT

Waalwijk, The Netherlands


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