How to write a Session Abstract, to get chosen to speak

When submitting a session abstract to a conference or user group, you've probably thought: "Ehhhh, I'll put some more details in that later". But then time goes by, and other things will have happened.

Writing an abstract is hard, especially for a session you'll probably only be presenting a few months down the road. But have you considered consciously on the words you're writing in there, and what kind of expectations they set to other parties?

Based on experience as a conference organiser, speaker and attendee, we'll dive into the key segments that should be included in your session abstract, to increase your chances of being selected. After all, if the selection committee understands what you'll be explaining, this can only be a good thing. Right?

Having a balanced abstract will also help attendees make the choice if your session is the right one for them and set the expectations correctly before they attend. And of course, you'll help yourself by clearly outlining the content you'll be discussing up front.

** These are based on personal experiences, and hence subjective. Attendees are free to use their own will and creativity to create their own set of handles.

Benni De Jagere

No coffee? No insights!

Zoersel, Belgium


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