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Microservices and data persistence

When building applications in a pure microservices architecture you have the luxury of flexibility around how you persist the data. Rather than being forced into a database system that tries to support all of your cross-domain use cases, you can choose a data persistence strategy that makes the most sense for that microservice. Sometimes that could be SQL Server or other RDBMS, other times it may be some other approach.

In this session will take a look at the major data persistence technologies that are available and discuss the kinds of use cases where they each make sense. The technologies that we will discuss include:
- Relational\SQL
- Key\Value
- Document
- Graph
- In Memory
- Time Series
- Ledger

Bill Penberthy

Curmudgeonly .NET Advocate in a Modern Apps world

With over 25 years in software development (almost 15 of which is .NET), Dr. Bill brings a pragmatic (curmudgeonly?) approach to software development. With much of that time spent in consulting, he has worked on many different projects and used many different designs and approaches. He recently switched to the dark side and uses his development experience in a product management role where he acts as a .NET developer advocate with AWS, helping AWS to build a better and more rich .NET developer experience.

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