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Seattle, Washington, United States

Supporting Accessibility and Language Translation Together

Companies that care about living and working in a multi-lingual society need to be able to participate across multiple languages and abilities. We, as an industry, tend to look at accessibility and language translation as being two completely different problems. This is not completely accurate; as they both address a common need; the ability to provide information.

In this session we will demonstrate how machine translation and text-to-speech can work together to provide a more rich way to provide information. We will show how user interface cues and current cloud technology can partner together in enabling visitors to your website to better understand and take advantage of your information.

Bill Penberthy

Curmudgeonly .NET Advocate in a Modern Apps world

With over 25 years in software development (almost 15 of which is .NET), Dr. Bill brings a pragmatic (curmudgeonly?) approach to software development. With much of that time spent in consulting, he has worked on many different projects and used many different designs and approaches. He recently switched to the dark side and uses his development experience in a product management role where he acts as a .NET developer advocate with AWS, helping AWS to build a better and more rich .NET developer experience.

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