Waste? How to remove (or recycle) the B.S from your software delivery system

Looking at my career on Linkedin, you will see that I started working in IT 22 years ago. You also would notice that I was working in almost every role within the software delivery system: From a webmaster, through an analyst role, release manager to my current position as director of program management. I am not writing this to brag but to show you that I have a lot of experience dealing with waste in the system.

My initials are B.S., and I want to help you remove the B.S. from your system. This talk focuses on the following:

0) How to build a holistic view of your software delivery system.
1) How to identify waste and plan what to do with it.
1.1) What part of the waste can you recycle and make it work for you?
1.2) IDentify what you need to throw away immediately.
2) Tackling the top problems I see in my software world.

Top Problems

The one source of truth
Working with multiple stakeholder groups is always a challenge. Often we needed to catch up on all of the document sources. How to build one trustworthy source to rule them all, and do we need it?

The tools we use
Everyone hates Jira. Everyone Loves Jira. How are the tools helping us reduce waste, and why do we use them? What antipatterns might you see, and how to break the vicious cycle?

Change is a team sport. After identifying the gaps and where the B.S. lives, you will want to fix this. You can't fix this alone. I'll show you some powerful techniques to engage with your stakeholders to start the change.

There is always more.
Of course, there is always more waste lurking behind the corner. That's why I'd like to spend the last minutes of the discussion on a problem from the audience. Come prepared, and let's get this started.

I'll share success and failure stories for every topic so that I challenge your smart brain to think. This talk is the first step for you on your mission to remove the waste of your Software delivery system. Let's take it together.

Bogomil Shopov - Бого

Human. Artist. Hacker.

Prague, Czechia


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