X-Gene in Your Code: Exploring the Potential of Mutation Testing

So you’ve got 100% code coverage, but you are still finding bugs? Find out how your code coverage might be lying to you.

This is where Mutation testing can be used to provide a more meaningful measure of test coverage and quality. Mutation testing works by introducing small, controlled changes to the code, simulating potential bugs to see if they are caught by the test suite.

This process not only highlights areas that lack testing but also critically evaluates how well the test suite detects and handles errors, offering a more nuanced view of code quality and test effectiveness.

During this talk, we will look at how
- Why code coverage alone is not enough
- How mutation testing works to find bugs in your code and holes in your testing
- How to run mutation testing against your code

Mark Bradley

Senior Consulting Engineer at Armakuni

London, United Kingdom


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