Enterprise Observability with OpenTelemetry

Enterprise applications are complex. A transaction starting in the browser will go through proxies, api gateways, security appliances, application performance monitoring tools, logs, microservices and more microservices. Historically there has been no standard way to get observability and traceability between all the enterprise components. Each product and framework has it's own proprietary way of identifying a transaction making it difficult if not impossible to stitch together a complete picture of a transaction. This is changing with the introduction of the W3C Trace Context standard and the open source initiative of OpenTelemetry.

In this session, you will learn how using Trace Context, OpenTelemetry and other open source and commercial products can improve your observability to help you better triage production issues, improve performance, be proactive and make your users happier.

Christopher Judd

Trusted Technical Adviser and Talent Developer

Columbus, Ohio, United States


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