Christopher Judd

Christopher Judd

Trusted Technical Adviser and Talent Developer

Columbus, Ohio, United States


Christopher Judd is CTO and partner at Manifest Solutions (http://www.manifestcorp.com), an international speaker, Java Champion, an open source evangelist, and the Central Ohio Java Users Group (http://www.cojug.org) leader.  He is an accomplished writer having co-authored Beginning Groovy and Grails (Apress, 2008), Enterprise Java Development on a Budget (Apress, 2003) and Pro Eclipse JST (Apress, 2005) as well as the author of the children’s book “Bearable Moments”.  Based in Columbus Ohio, he has spent over 20 years architecting and developing software for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups across various industries including insurance, health care, education, retail, government, manufacturing, service, and transportation.  Mr. Judd spends most of his time consulting while continuing to focus on mentoring and training in Java, mobile and related technologies.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Java
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • AWS
  • Architecture

Maximize Your Leadership Through Personal Growth

It’s impossible to follow a leader who isn’t moving forward. They wouldn’t be a leader; they would be a stander or an observer. So, if you aren’t personally growing and improving, why do you think anybody wants to follow YOU? Personal growth is one of the most critical characteristics of being a leader others desire to follow. So how can you develop a growth mindset? What areas should you focus on growing in? What habits can develop to help you continuously grow daily? In this session, we will focus on proven, effective, and actionable tactics, resources, and tools to elevate your leadership now.

Hacking & Hardening Java Web Applications Workshop

It seems like everyday there is a new headline about a security breach in a major company’s web application. These breaches cause companies to lose their credibility, cost them large sums of money, and those accountable undoubtedly lose their jobs. Security requires you to be proactive. Keep your employer out of the headlines by learning some key security best practices.

This hands-on workshop is designed to teach you how to identify and fix vulnerabilities in Java web applications. Using an existing web application, you will learn ways to scan and test for common vulnerabilities such as hijacking, injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery and more. You will learn best practices around logging, error handling, intrusion detection, authentication and authorization. You will also learn how to improve security in your applications using existing libraries, frameworks and techniques to patch and prevent vulnerabilities.

Enterprise Observability with OpenTelemetry

Enterprise applications are complex. A transaction starting in the browser will go through proxies, api gateways, security appliances, application performance monitoring tools, logs, microservices and more microservices. Historically there has been no standard way to get observability and traceability between all the enterprise components. Each product and framework has it's own proprietary way of identifying a transaction making it difficult if not impossible to stitch together a complete picture of a transaction. This is changing with the introduction of the W3C Trace Context standard and the open source initiative of OpenTelemetry.

In this session, you will learn how using Trace Context, OpenTelemetry and other open source and commercial products can improve your observability to help you better triage production issues, improve performance, be proactive and make your users happier.

The Legend of CodeMash

In 1986, the iconic fantasy action-adventure game, The Legends of Zelda, was released to the fanfare of video gamers across the globe. Everybody loved the 2D quests that Link would go on to rescue Princess Zelda. In 2024, it is your turn to create a classic, The Legends of CodeMash, video game. In this session, you will learn basic gaming techniques and strategies using the Phaser.io open source, HTML5, and JavaScript gaming framework to create your quests and rescue the Prince, Brian Prince.

Hacking and Hardening Java Web APIs Workshop

According to Akamai, more than 80% of internet traffic is now web API calls and makes up 90% of a web application’s attack surface. With such a critical and vulnerable piece of your architecture, do you know your APIs are secure? Do you know how and if attackers are attempting to exploit your APIs?

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to identify and fix vulnerabilities in Java web APIs. Using an existing API, you will learn ways to scan and test for common vulnerabilities such as excessive data exposure, broken authentication & authorization, lack of resource & rate limiting, and more. You will learn best practices around logging, intrusion detection, rate limiting, authentication, and authorization. You will also learn how to improve security in your APIs using existing tools, libraries, frameworks, and techniques to prevent vulnerabilities.

Solar Critters Workshop

Critters like turtles, frogs, and lizards can be fun to play with. They can have vibrant colors and run around. In this hands-on workshop, kidz of all ages will use their creativity to decorate and build their own moving critters. Along the way, kidz will learn basic electronics using solar power to fuel a vibrating motor.

Parents: Don't worry. These critters don't require care or feeding.

Attract, Train and Retain Early Tech Talent

Everybody wants to hire talent with ten-plus years of experience. However, according to every metric, half of the IT industry has less than five years of experience. Which means you are likely eliminating half of your candidate pool. As leaders, we need to hire and help early talent fill their gaps in knowledge and experience to become productive team contributors. This session will provide strategies and lessons learned from hiring and training over 200 recent college grads over the last 12 years through an immersive training program. You will learn how to make your early talent more successful, and your organization will thrive.

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Christopher Judd

Trusted Technical Adviser and Talent Developer

Columbus, Ohio, United States


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