Hacking and Hardening Java Web APIs Workshop

According to Akamai, more than 80% of internet traffic is now web API calls and makes up 90% of a web application’s attack surface. With such a critical and vulnerable piece of your architecture, do you know your APIs are secure? Do you know how and if attackers are attempting to exploit your APIs?

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to identify and fix vulnerabilities in Java web APIs. Using an existing API, you will learn ways to scan and test for common vulnerabilities such as excessive data exposure, broken authentication & authorization, lack of resource & rate limiting, and more. You will learn best practices around logging, intrusion detection, rate limiting, authentication, and authorization. You will also learn how to improve security in your APIs using existing tools, libraries, frameworks, and techniques to prevent vulnerabilities.

Christopher Judd

Trusted Technical Adviser and Talent Developer

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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