Azure Open AI for professional Enterprise Developers

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the tech industry and soon society too. Fortunately, Azure and .NET have emerged as leading Cloud, AI and IoT development platforms. As a professional enterprise developer, you can leverage the amazing Azure's Open AI capabilities to build intelligent applications that can help solve new kinds of problems.

In this demo-powered session, we'll demonstrate how .NET developers can use Azure Open AI to build applications that cannot be implemented by using common development approaches. We'll start with an overview of Azure's Open AI capabilities and how they can be used with any programming language, not only. NET. Then, we'll dive into many demos of how to build intelligent applications using Azure cognitive services, such as OpenAI.

This session is designed for Software Architects, Developers and all other software engineers, who build and want to build applications with Large Learning Models.

Dr. Damir Dobric

daenet GmbH - ACP Digital, Microsoft Regional Director, Azure+IoT MVP

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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