Building and Securing an AI Powered Chat Application in Azure

This is an advanced workshop focussed on the key technical challenges of building a distributed chat application that is secured using MSAL and includes an assistant powered by Azure AI (ChatGPT). The application will be made available across multiple platforms, leveraging the Uno Platform, and will persist messages in Azure, as well as locally in the application, allowing offline access to the message history.

The core learnings for the workshop:
- Creating a multi-platform application using the Uno Platform
- Designing a chat style interface in XAML or C# by importing code from Figma
- Authenticating application users using MSAL
- Authorizing calls to a .NET web api using MSAL
- Persist messages in Azure CosmosDB for chat history retrieval
- Offline message caching in the application using local storage
- Azure AI integration to implement assistant using ChatGPT completion

Dan Siegel

Microsoft MVP - Prism Maintainer

Coxen Hole, Honduras


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