Design to Deployment: A Live Coding Journey from Concept to Deployment

In today's fast-paced development environment, agility is key. From concept to deployment, every minute counts. How do you streamline this process while ensuring quality and functionality? Enter Uno Platform with a toolset built for rapid development and seamless integration. In this high-octane session, we'll walk you through a live coding journey that starts with a Figma design and ends with a deployed application, all pushed through a GitHub-triggered CI build.

Topics we'll cover include:

- The limitations of traditional development workflows and how Uno Platform circumvents them.
- A real-time demonstration of turning Figma designs into a functional application using Uno Platform.
- An overview of integrating GitHub and setting up a CI build to automate deployment.

Join us to discover a new paradigm in app development, where your designs swiftly move from concept to deployed product, thanks to the powerful tooling of Uno Platform and the automation capabilities of CI/CD pipelines.

Dan Siegel

Microsoft MVP - Prism Maintainer

Coxen Hole, Honduras


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