Prism and Uno Platform a match made in heaven!

Prism has been a fan favorite within the WPF community for well over a decade. From mission critical emergency services to financial services, there isn't an industry that hasn't benefited from helping developers deliver highly modular, highly testable, apps that are easier to maintain. In this talk we'll look at how you can now use the tried and true Prism Library to build your apps with Uno Platform and reach target platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, UWP, Linux, Web Assembly and more!
You'll get to learn how Prism for Uno Platform will help you:
- Write modular apps
- Apply the MVVM Design pattern to your Uno Platform app
- Add custom Dialogs
- Use Prism's RegionManager to build dynamic experiences

Dan Siegel

Microsoft MVP - Prism Maintainer

Coxen Hole, Honduras


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