What you don't know about MSBuild can hurt you

MSBuild is at the core of every .NET Build. Developers most painful moments are often felt because of a general lack of understanding what MSBuild is and how to work with it. Join us for an overview of one of the least talked about and most important topics for .NET developers.

This session will supercharge your understanding of how MSBuild works. You'll walk away with an understanding of both what the elements in a PropertyGroup and ItemGroup are, and how to leverage these. Additionally we'll look at how to write both inline and compiled MSBuild tasks that you can use for your own MSBuild targets, as well as how to include these in your own NuGet packages. After attending this session you'll empowered by MSBuild save time and reduce the amount of custom scripts you need to write for CI/CD.

Dan Siegel

Microsoft MVP - Prism Maintainer

Coxen Hole, Honduras


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