Create A Virtual Co-Working Space In Microsoft Teams

It's been nearly 2 years since the most of the world's information workers moved to full-time working from home. For some of the most introverted among us, this was a dream come true; but many have missed the feel of working physically around others. Microsoft Teams provides amazing capabilities for meeting and collaborating with colleagues toward common goals, but what about the social atmosphere a physical office provides? What if we could leverage the power of Microsoft Teams to capture the feel of working in-person?

A virtual co-working space is an ongoing meeting, in Microsoft Teams, that spans corporate departments, physical locations, and time zones to allow for employees to do focus work together while creating social connection. Join me to learn how you can successfully launch a co-working environment for your organization!

In this session we will cover:
- The concept of co-working virtually, what it is and what it isn't.
- How to design your co-working environment structure within a Team to host the spaces.
- Creative ways to share music and other content into the co-working space, with demos!
- How to create on-campus 'portals' with Microsoft Teams Rooms.
- Mitigating concerns around co-working, while meeting your goals of creating social connection.
- Real-world success stories from our co-working space at Cerner!

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Darrell Webster

Modern Workplace Mentor, Change Consultant, Content Creator, Community Conduit.

Auckland, New Zealand

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