An Introduction to Implementing Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

All organizations store sensitive information. The information can be sensitive to the organization itself, to you as an employee of the organization, to you as a customer of that organization, or in any other number of ways. All businesses have a responsibility to keep that information safe. Historically, this protection has come by locking down network locations from external access, permission control, and data encryption. But it is being discovered that this is no longer sufficient. More is required to protect your sensitive information.

David Drever has been helping organizations secure their information with Microsoft Information Protection for many years. Join him as he walks through the features of MIP, how it can protect the organization’s sensitive information, leading practices in implementing the technologies and processes, and how MIP is the foundation for many other features within Microsoft 365 for protecting your information.

David Drever

Microsoft 365 MVP - Compliance and M365 Specialist

Calgary, Canada


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