Implementing Data Protection, Risk, and Compliance Management from the Ground up In Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 gives enterprises and government organizations the tools they need in the modern workplace to identify their risky information and to govern their data effectively to meet regulatory compliance needs. Additionally, these tools help to protect sensitive data from both accidental and malicious data loss, and they protect the organization from risk by ensuring data is appropriately managed under regulatory controls such as GDPR, NIST, and CIS. Implementing these compliance solutions requires a clear understanding of the capabilities available in the Microsoft cloud and industry best practices for establishing a data governance framework.

In this all-day workshop, David Drever and Joanne Klein will help you learn how to develop a framework for information governance for enterprises and government organizations, including understanding how your environment meets regulatory policy requirements. They’ll discuss how utilizing features such as Compliance Manager and Insider Risk Management can further govern your environment. You'll learn how to build a data protection framework using specialized features such as Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Finally, you will learn how to use eDiscovery to facilitate legal holds and “Freedom of Information and Privacy” (FOIP) requests to discover how your information has been used and how it has been exposed. Join David and Joanne to discover how to implement data governance and compliance in Microsoft 365!

David Drever

Microsoft 365 MVP - Compliance and M365 Specialist

Calgary, Canada


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