Implementing Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention. A Real World Approach

As more and more organizations' content is stored in cloud locations, it can become further at risk for accidental or malicious misuse. Users make good use of cloud collaboration features to share documents with others. Information contained within documents or even the intended recipient of the files may not be properly considered before transmission. This can often lead to data loss and poses significant risks to the organization. To protect against the loss of data control, organizations are looking for solutions that protect the data when it is shared.

Join David as he takes a practical approach to understand data loss prevention techniques and capabilities available within Microsoft 365. David will also provide a real-world approach to implementing the technologies with a strong consideration of the balance of protection and user experience.

This session is intended as a detailed review of Data Loss Prevention technologies within Microsoft 365 and the process of implementation that balances user experience with the protections required by the organization.

David Drever

Microsoft 365 MVP - Compliance and M365 Specialist

Calgary, Canada


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