Modernizing Your Data Retention. Moving Beyond the Created Date

Historically, data retention in an environment has been based mainly on two key pieces of data: when the document was created or when the document was last modified. More recently, retention policies have also been controlled based on the content of the data, but again determining disposition goes back to created or last modified dates.

Perhaps you would like more options for controlling document retention. Maybe basing retention policies for employee documents on when they are no longer with the company, or project documents that are retained based on the project end date make more sense to your organization. In this session, we will illustrate how you can go beyond the basic created or modified dates of data to controlling retention based on events that occur. No longer do you need to be constrained to a few pieces of metadata for determining the data retention policies of your content.

David Drever

Microsoft 365 MVP - Compliance and M365 Specialist

Calgary, Canada


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