Developing with containers for SPFx and beyond

Level 200. The Microsoft 365 development space is continuing change at a rapid pace, including SharePoint web parts & extensions, Teams apps, MS Graph, PowerShell and so much more. One of the challenges of this rapid pace is that API and Framework versions are constantly being updated, so working on projects written against previous versions means a scramble to keep multiple environments available.
Containers allow developers to include the environment configuration in the project files, ensuring the environment is correct for the project. These containers can be used as part of GitHub Codespaces, Docker Desktop, and more.
This session will introduce container configurations for SharePoint development and how to make containers work with just a few files.

We will cover what containers are, and build multiple samples using Docker containers and GitHub Codespaces. We'll also show the pattern to simplify customizing a container for a specific set of environment variables, like NodeJS version and SPFX version.

Don Kirkham

Microsoft MVP & MCT | Enterprise Architect, DMI

Arlington, Texas, United States

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