Devs, let's reclaim DDD!

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Although it is close to celebrating its 20th birthday, and despite many popularization attempts, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) remains a subject on which it is difficult to feel comfortable as a developer, and that seems too often reserved for an elite of architects inside the circles of power of an IT department. However, it is in the direct relationship to the code that DDD takes on its full meaning!
In this workshop, we offer some specific code practices to help you express more business flavor in your code. Step by step, starting from an existing and concrete code base, you will discover how a series of simple refactorings can bring out the business reasoning at the heart of DDD, and you will be surprised to say that you have finally really understood and practiced DDD!

Dorra Bartaguiz

VP Tech at Arolla


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