Using Azure IoT to feed my squirrels 🐿️

Winter is here and my backyard squirrels friends still come every day to get some food, snow is not a problem for them.

In this session we will review the basic concepts of Azure IoT and we will create a simple animal detector. When an animal is detected, the device will that will play video and music. And it will also send telemetry to Azure IoT to control the automatic feeder.

We'll share a few implementation options, so you can get some fun ideas and walk away with a plan to start creating your own masterpiece.

- Learn how to create ready to use IoT application.
- Learn how to develop for low powered devices with accessible sensors.
- Use analytics capabilities to analyze historical data and correlate telemetry from devices.
- Network with other professionals interested in Azure IoT

Bruno Capuano

Sr Cloud Advocate 🥑 @Microsoft

Toronto, Canada

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