Navigating Azure DevOps: Best Practices for Successful Software Delivery

Azure DevOps offers a wide range of customization options for managing software development, but these can be challenging to navigate. This session will provide insight into how professional consulting organizations use Azure DevOps to plan and deliver both short-term projects and ongoing deliverables. We will explore best practices for ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality software, and delve into the functionality and limitations of Azure DevOps. Attendees will learn how to configure the platform to support and enforce key process controls using useful extensions and advanced query techniques. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to Azure DevOps, this session will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the platform with confidence.

This workshop/presentation (available in all formats) is based on extensive efforts within our consulting organization to define best practices used across all of our projects with input from all departmental roles and levels of responsibility. By starting with a focus on process improvement, we have mapped key elements and handoffs to how they can best be accomplished on the Azure DevOps platform.

Content will continue to evolve as new functionality is released and our teams explore better ways of automating processes and facilitating collaboration.

Gaines Kergosien

Empowering Tech Progress: Bridging Innovation, Strategy, and Knowledge

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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