Joe Glombek

Information & Communications Technology

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Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Umbracadabra! Defence Against the Dark Arts of Magic Strings

I'm sure many of us have been told at some point in our careers that "magic strings are evil" but why exactly is that and what could go wrong? We use the phrase "magic strings" to mean a constant string used in code to refer to something (think `Model.GetPropertyValue("bodyText")`) But what alternatives are there and how can we use them to improve our development? We'll take a look at effective use of enums, constants and some Umbraco-specific tips and tricks.

Joe Glombek

Senior .NET developer and lover of adventure

Joe is a senior .NET developer and lover of adventure. During working hours he’s an Umbraco Certified Master and MVP who's been working with Umbraco in various digital agencies for the past decade, but is an adventure-loving outdoorsman in his free time and can often be seen out hiking or canoeing with his dog, Carter.

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