Joe Glombek

Information & Communications Technology

Umbraco .NET C# ASP.NET Accessibility Web Accessibility

Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Working on work working for you

I used to live and breathe code but I started to get tired, so I've been working harder at working less. In this world where burnout, unpaid overtime, side projects and open source contributions are the normality I'll explain how we can be successful in our careers while still making time for what's important to us, knowing when to say no (in the office and with open source contributions) and how to escape the stress of work by heading outdoors.

Joe Glombek

Senior .NET developer and lover of adventure

Joe is a senior .NET developer and lover of adventure. During working hours he’s an Umbraco Certified Master and MVP who's been working with Umbraco in various digital agencies for the past decade, but is an adventure-loving outdoorsman in his free time and can often be seen out hiking or canoeing with his dog, Carter.

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