Cracking Performance Issues with Distributed Tracing

The dynamic and highly distributed nature of modern systems renders it impossible to keep track of the web of interconnecting services and of the flow of requests through that web. Distributed tracing provides the missing telemetry to understand the service dependencies in a microservice (or any highly distributed) system and identify critical paths and latency sources in the application.

Distributed tracing has been gaining a lot of attention, with 38% percent increase in DevOps using it year over year. The leading tool in that space is Jaeger, the popular open source project which was developed at Uber, and is now a graduated project under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

This talk will equip you with the essentials of distributed tracing. Then through live demo on Jaeger you will learn how to practically use it to monitor your microservices architecture.

Dotan Horovits

Principal Developer Advocate,

Tel Aviv, Israel

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