Convincing Colleagues and Bosses of Good Ideas and New Technologies

At a conference like the XXX you learn great new things. In every session you think, “I can't wait to try these new language features.” Or, “This new framework is just the thing for our problem.” Or, “With those agile techniques, we need fewer meetings and I finally have more time for programming.”

Then when you get back from the conference and come into the office on Monday, you tell all your colleagues about it full of euphoria. And unfortunately they don't like it at all. Tey say, “Nobody needs this newfangled stuff.” Or, “This is nothing new. We've always done it like that.” And half a year later you look back and think: “We haven't implemented any of my nice ideas”.

It doesn't have to be like that! In this talk I will look at what we techies can learn from psychologists, sociologists & co. With the right (soft) tools we can convince bosses and colleagues of good ideas for the benefit of all of us.

We look into the toolbox that Fearless Change, Communication Patterns, Reframing, Secrets of Consulting, Nonviolent Communication and even the interrogation techniques of the secret services offer us.

Henning Schwentner

Coder, Coach, Consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions

Hamburg, Germany


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