Henning Schwentner

Information & Communications Technology

Programming Software Architecture Domain Driven Design microservices Agile Methodologies Collaborative Modeling

Hamburg, Germany

From Legacy to Cloud—Mistakes You Don't Want to Make Your Own

Come and hear the story of a company that is on the journey from the old monolithic, on-premise, waterfall world to the new modular, agile, domain-driven, multi-tenant, cloud-based microservices world. The challenges come from different directions: both technical and organizational aspects have to mastered. The domain has to be understood, so that the system can be structured right. The big bang has to be avoided.

In this talk we will look at how our “fictional” company has struggled with and finally overcome those challenges.

Henning Schwentner

Coder, Coach, Consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions

Henning loves programming in high quality. He lives this passion as coder, coach, and consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions. There he helps teams to structure their monoliths or to build new systems from the beginning with a sustainable architecture. Microservices or self-contained systems are often the result. Henning is author of *Domain Storytelling* (Addison-Wesley, 2022), and the www.LeasingNinja.io as well as translator of “Domain-Driven Design kompakt” (dpunkt, 2017).

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