Henning Schwentner

Information & Communications Technology

Programming Software Architecture Domain Driven Design microservices Agile Methodologies Collaborative Modeling

Hamburg, Germany

Living Architecture Documentation with xMolecules

Good architecture contains patterns. But which pattern does a given class follow? To express this directly in the code is the task of xMolecules. xMolecules is a framework-agnostic library that allows for the following:

- Annotate common architectural concepts (like layers or DDD building blocks) directly in source code. This makes it easier for human readers to understand which pattern a piece of code follows.
- Verify that rules regarding the implementation of these patterns are followed, e.g. with JQAssistant, ArchUnit(.NET), PHPStan.
- Derive the necessary technical integration and appropriate documentation. So, code generators can use the info to reduce boilerplate code.

For different programming languages (so far Java, .net, and PHP) the possibility is given to annotate code accordingly. In this talk this brand new library will be presented by one of its creators.

Henning Schwentner

Coder, Coach, Consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions

Henning loves programming in high quality. He lives this passion as coder, coach, and consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions. There he helps teams to structure their monoliths or to build new systems from the beginning with a sustainable architecture. Microservices or self-contained systems are often the result. Henning is author of *Domain Storytelling* (Addison-Wesley, 2022), and the www.LeasingNinja.io as well as translator of “Domain-Driven Design kompakt” (dpunkt, 2017).

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