Ida Bergum

Information & Communications Technology

The Tales of Successful Enterprise Managed Self-Service BI

Once upon a time, there was 100 enterprises with a lot of data and thousands of employees, a BI guy with a sword, a passionate BI girl and a premature baby BI product called Power BI. One of the large enterprises said "Our employees might as well create their own reports, as IT is not able to deliver on time". So the guy with the sword and the passionate BI girl showed the enterprise the premature baby Power BI. "But what about governance!? And how can we help them to learn how use it?...". There were many roadblocks, frameworks, prototypes, trainings and enhancements on the way, which eventually enabled a data driven culture. The large enterprise and the Grown up Power BI, lived happily ever after.

Ida Bergum

Manager Data & AI, Avanade and Data Platform MVP

I work in Avanade Norway as a Nordic Solution Architect for Data & AI and I'm honoured to have been recognised as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. I have a big passion for Analytics Experiences, Data and AI solution architecture, STEM and a definite Power BI Evangelist. I have presented at several local and international Microsoft conferences the past couple of years. Sharing knowledge is one of the things I truly love.

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