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Pester – Trust is good, verification is better

Unit testing is kinda a big thing when it comes to writing good code. When working on code with a team, you wouldn't want to change something in the code that breaks your deployments, right? Writing tests for your code helps you avoid that problem... so that together, you can achieve more by not spending time solving the consequences of (your?) stupid mistakes. During this session I'll introduce you to Pester, the framework you can use for writing tests to test your code. Once you unerstand the basics, you can go very fast very quickly.

Jeff Wouters

MVP CDM | MCT | CTO @ Methos | JeffOps

Jeff Wouters, MVP Cloud & Datacenter Management, PowerShellian, blogger, speaker and Dutchie. He is a frequent speaker at (inter)national events with a focus on Automation, Cloud and DevOps and is the co-founder of the Dutch PowerShell User Group. Jeff holds the role of CTO at Methos, where he guides customers to a infrastructure-as-code and DevOps way of infrastructure management.

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