How to keep your email tidy with AI

Remote work is becoming a new norm since the pandemic. It has brought a lot of benefits to modern work, but it didn't come at a low cost.

For some, this meant a mountain of never-ending emails, and suddenly, a zero email inbox became an impossible dream.

Depending on the organization, employees can spend hours on emails every week, or even every day. Plus, the statistics for writing emails are not any less terrifying.

Let's see how to use AI to cut through email:
- Find out quickly what are the important messages using AI
- Learn how to automate your emails in a time-efficient way
- Enable yourself to go back to work with automation

We'll look at how we can prototype a few AI models with simple tools like ML.NET, Cognitive Services and Open AI. We'll start with classifying emails and end with proposed actions for your emails.

Jernej Kavka

Microsoft AI MVP, SSW Solution Architect

Brisbane, Australia

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