Analyze Azure data using T-SQL and Synapse SQL serverless pool

Azure Synapse SQL serverless pool is a new pay-per-usage Transact-SQL query service that enables you to analyze large amount of data stored on Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake, and Azure CosmosDB. Synapse SQL is connector to Azure data for the application and tools that can use T-SQL. It is a platform where you can create Logical DataWarehouse on top of your Azure data sources. If you ever wanted to use something like a fully-managed standalone Polybase service to query PARQUET, CSV, and JSON data in Azure using standard T-SQL without pre-provisioning resources, this might be the perfect solution for you. Learn about the service that might be a future of big data analytics in Azure cloud.

Jovan Popovic

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft Development Center Serbia

PanĨevo, Serbia


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