Jovan Popovic

Information & Communications Technology

Azure Azure SQL Database Microsoft SQL Server

PanĨevo, Vojvodina, Serbia

Modern applications and Azure SQL Database

Learn about the features that can help you more easily develop, manage, troubleshoot, and optimize modern applications that are working with Azure SQL Database. In this session you will see some advanced scenarios and architectures, and learn how Azure SQL Database helps you building them.

Jovan Popovic

Senior Program Manager, Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Development Center Serbia

Jovan Popovic is Senior Program Manager working on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Synapse Analytics. He is working in Microsoft Development Center Serbia as Program Manager on several developer-facing SQL Server/Azure SQL features such as T-SQL language enhancements, JSON/temporal support, columnstore/in-memory technologies, and built-in intelligence. He has more than 15 years of experience in various Microsoft technologies with a focus on SQL Server, Azure, ASP.NET, C#, and JavaScript. He has been working in various Microsoft Data Platform teams since 2012. He is a former Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET and has a PhD degree in software engineering from the University of Belgrade. He is a public speaker at top Microsoft conferences, and is author of several books and open-source projects. He enjoys exploring technologies (especially SQL Server capabilities) and finding the best ways to implement the most efficient solutions using them.

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