Juergen Gutsch

Information & Communications Technology

C# .NET .NET Core ASP.NET ASP.NET Core DevOps & Automation Dependency Injection Continuous Deployment Continuous Integration

Singen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Customizing ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core has many options to customize, to match all of your requirements. It's not only running on Linux, Mac and Windows, it also has many possibilities to modify the whole framework in an arbitrarily way. Juergen shows you 10 of the most important things to modify.

Juergen Gutsch

Software Engineer at the YOO AG

Juergen is a .NET addicted web developer, working with ASP.NET since 2002. He is an MVP for Development Tools and the leader of INETA Deutschland. He works as a software developer, consultant and trainer at YOO AG in Basel. Along with his family and job, he writes articles for .NET magazines and posts in his blog at https://asp.net-hacker.rocks. You can find more about him at https://about.me/juergengutsch

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