Keras 3: A multi-framework API for deep learning

Break free from framework limitations and explore the revolutionary world of Keras 3! This talk delves into its groundbreaking multi-framework capabilities, empowering you to leverage the strengths of TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX within a single, unified API. Discover how Keras 3 simplifies development, enhances flexibility, and unlocks new possibilities for your deep learning projects.

What attendees can expect:

1. Understanding the paradigm shift: Uncover the motivations and key features of Keras 3's multi-framework approach. Learn how it transcends limitations and opens doors to broader experimentation.

2. Framework flexibility in action: Witness the power of writing code that runs seamlessly across TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX. See how Keras 3 handles backend specifics while you focus on the core logic of your models.

3. Performance insights: Explore benchmarks and comparisons, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each backend in different scenarios. Learn how to choose the optimal framework for your specific needs.

4. Custom component creation: Master the art of building modular layers, models, and metrics that work harmoniously across all supported frameworks. Share and reuse components effortlessly within your team.

5. Large-scale training and deployment: Discover the advanced capabilities of Keras 3 for scaling your models to handle massive datasets and deployment on diverse platforms.

Wesley Kambale

ML Engineer | Community Lead

Mbarara, Uganda


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